Derek James, a New York City based singer-songwriter, crafts music that bursts with exuberance, melodic exhilaration and passion. Combining his love of rock, folk and soul, Derek James’ eagerly anticipated sophomore release, Take You Out Dancing, due out on April 14th, is an upbeat toe-tapping adventure; a challenge to any listener to sit there and not want to get up and dance.

A New York native, Derek James started his music career in the unlikeliest of places, first taking to the stage half way around the world at an open-mic in Australia in 2003. Derek made it to back to New York by way of France, where he had formed a band and spent the better part of a year busking on the streets and playing in the clubs of Europe.

These experiences led to his debut Stray, a record that explores themes of identity, relationships and heartbreak. In support of the release Derek began touring the US, quickly building a name as an energetic performer in the college circuit and venues across the country. He spent years on the road amassing a dedicated following, and opening for such bands as OK Go, Blues Traveler, Jesse McCartney, MOE, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Ben Kweller, Alexa Ray Joel and Eric Hutchinson and many more.

For the last couple of years Derek has focused on composing for film and TV and is a staple in the NYC music scene performing often with his band “The Lovely Fools”. Derek’s original compositions have appeared on MTV, VH1, Lifetime, A&E, and the Travel Channel.

Ready to record new songs that he had been performing for years, Derek went in to the studio and has emerged with his much awaited sophomore release Take You Out Dancing, an album that incorporates many of the sounds that he has featured in his live show: Ragtime piano, upright bass, vintage electric guitar, ukulele, banjo, accordion and Ringo-esque drums. 



Take You Out Dancing

by Derek James